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Demon In The Mirror by S. Joaquin Rivera

Broken Sword Publications presents
Demon In The Mirror by author, S. Joaquin Rivera:

Everybody has a reflection. Everyone a dark side. There is always someone looking back you from inside the mirror. What does your reflection say to you from inside the glass? Does it know your secrets? Does it know how you really feel? Does it know the real you? The words contained here within this book explore that reflection...the demon in the mirror. Demon in the Mirror is a collection of hard-edged and dark writings from author S. Joaquin Rivera. This explicit collection includes“Shadows & Flames,” “Idle hands,” “Demon in the Mirror,” “100 Lies,” “Mors Ontologica,” “13 Hours,” and “Last Stop.” With his gritty style and gut-punching honesty, Rivera shares with readers a unique look into his world through poetry, prose and short fiction.


cover art by Julie Zarate at six06.com
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