felonius monk (outlaw_jesus) wrote in pride_of_texas,
felonius monk

AKMB : Hand Inked Silk Scarf

check out the scarf i recently listed on ebay

antique pink mermaid scarf

like the other scarves i created, this is 100 % silk
hand inked with mermaids and curlicues,
hand dyed in a buttery golden pink.
check out the auction for more details

all proceeds of this sale will go towards the Alexis Kidd Medical Benefit.
this is open to all bidders in the united states,
free shipping.


if you can make it out to the concert benefit, please do.
more artwork will be available for a silent auction.
the scarf was for those who can't make it to the benefit but wished to help.
this is my way of saying thank you for your support.
of course, the auction is open to any and everyone.
please feel free to spread the word.

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